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Big News: The Enriched and Expanded Edition of “A Covenant in Love” has Arrived! 

Prepare to be captivated! We are overjoyed to announce the much-anticipated release of the revised edition of “A Covenant in Love: The Meaning of Life Revealed.” This isn’t just a book; it’s a journey into the heart of existence, beautifully reimagined by the author, Larry, who has woven his personal narratives throughout the chapters. These additions bring a raw, authentic touch that resonates deeply, transforming the reading experience into a more intimate and impactful exploration of life’s profound truths.

Readers are already expressing their love for the updated version, praising how the real-world experiences meld perfectly with the core themes, providing not just stories, but pathways to personal healing and enlightenment. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many finding that this book acts as a balm, soothing souls and mending hearts with its wise and tender insights.

Step Into a World of Discovery and Healing!

Don’t let this literary gem slip through your fingers! Click the button below to be directed to our launch page, where you can immerse yourself in the wonder of “A Covenant in Love” and learn how to claim your copy today. This book promises to be a beacon of inspiration and a guidepost for those seeking clarity and purpose in their lives. Join us on this remarkable adventure of self-discovery and spiritual renewal!

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“Welcome To Grace Healing Where We Guide People In The Power Of Healing And Divine Wisdom.”

About Our Logo

“The fish was the original image of the early church and was used to convey that a person was a follower of Yah Shua (Jesus’ actual name, before Greek translation)

In that time it was dangerous to be known as a follower of Yah Shua, so a person would draw the image on the ground in front of them as they spoke with someone. They would start with the tail and draw a line toward the person they were speaking with; as it “peaked” they would return and form the image of the fish.
The starting point was Yah Veh (calling upon God by name), the midpoint was Yah Shua and all the Glory He revealed in His walk with humanity and this was directed toward the person they were speaking with and the final leg was the Abwoon (breath of God or Holy Spirit within us) returning to complete the true Triune image formed by the fish image. If the person being spoken to responded to the image they were known to be “safe” to speak with. If not the person who drew the image was able to just wipe it away as if it was a simple scratch on the ground of no consequence.
In some locations, one leg of the image was drawn and if another person drew the other leg, they were revealed as knowing the images significance. Some meeting places had the lower leg drawn on the building, just a simple curved line. This defined it as a meeting place for other believers. The cross did not emerge as a symbol for the church until close to 300 years later (270) when the scribes and leaders of the church were trying to force a hold upon the people through guilt, shame, and servitude through apostolic suffrage.”

Yah Shua

Yah Veh          Abwoon


The Book of Blessings

“A Unique and Wonderful Instrument of Care and Service”

The Book of Blessings was established over 20 years ago and has been a wonderful tool employed daily by our intercessors here at Grace Healing. The reason it is defined as unique is because it houses the Blessed results of people’s prayer needs.

Many people reach out to Grace Healing with a myriad of needs on a daily basis. We at Grace Healing listen to the needs but then pray over them to seek God for the blessed result of the prayer. Then we enter the prayer, as formed in blessing, into the Book of Blessings. This prayer of blessing is then prayed over each day in the fullness of agreement with our Lead intercessor, intercessory team, and our Founding director as we choose to recognize God’s Living prayer over the specific needs revealed.

This calling to record the prayers as complete has produced measurable results for many which reflected the prayers recorded in the book. We would be honored to serve you each day in prayer as we uplift you and those you Love for a blessing in all areas you feel you need support.

Larry Reynolds • Founding Director

A Journey Through Spiritual Counseling and Transformational Healing

Larry Reynolds has served as a spiritual counselor and vessel of healing for over 30 years providing individuals with a clear evaluation of one’s relationship with his or her own Divine Origin and the dynamics which may be inhibiting healing and freedom. In his time with Grace Healing, he has been used as an instrument and witness to thousands of healings. He joins with people in prayer to reveal the spiritual roots of whatever is impacting their ability to attain freedom and peace. He then teaches us how to transform and release the challenges and disease we face in this life.

Larry also helps churches, corporations, social organizations, governmental offices, health institutions, orphans throughout the world, and animals. He believes no one is beyond receiving God’s love and that God’s Love can transform ANY circumstance into blessing.

A Thought from Larry:
What if we received all things without offense?
What if there was a way to receive all things in blessing? (Even the things that do not seem so blessed at first glance.)
What if we had a God so Loving that He made things simple for us?

If we remembered we would realize that Love will always raise things up that are not of Love to be healed.  In this awareness we may find we can receive all revelation without offense and without fear.  If someone held and different belief you would no longer fear their views but allow them to share them and search your own heart to see what the moment of exposure reveals in you, not just them.  You would no longer judge, you would Love and share.  If you find that you became offended or fearful, you have been given the power to release the fear and or offense and search your heart to KNOW God in you and then release anything you feel does not align with God.  If you held no fear and a clear understanding that Love will always reveal that, which is not Love to be healed, you may find you hold power in situations you were once subject to.  Imagine if God made it so simple that He formed a process to all answers to any form of suffering in three simple steps.

FIRST: Offer thanksgiving for anything revealed… (even the not so blessed things)
SECOND: Release that which you witness into the Love of God
THIRD: Recognize ONE THING in that place… God 

The very breath your breathe proves that God is with you – for life cannot sustain without the presence of God near.  You are merely a Breath away from the blessings you seek. Dwell within the Breath of God, it resides IN YOU.

Contact Larry Directly: 207-350-6592

Ina Marie Murdock • Executive Director for Book of Blessings

A Life Devoted to Love and Service in Yah Veh’s Grace

Ina Marie is a minister of Love that truly lives and breathes Yah Shua in all she does. Ina Marie has been in ministry for over 20 years, on prayer teams, healing rooms, mission trips, and walking in all the attributes and gifting of Yah Veh.  For over 25 years Ina Marie has served as minister in a beautiful ministry birthed on her hands and knees, as she engages in the Washing Feet Ministry. It is a personal calling and has blessed many.  This is just one aspect of her service and is very special and personal for those Yah Veh calls her to minister and serve.  Ina Marie has discovered a perfect fit with Grace Healing for 20 years.  Yah Veh has brought Ina Marie into such a divine position to come along side with Larry in service to extend the Covenant of Love and Healing through Yah Shua through Grace Healing Ministry.  Walking together as One in Truth and Spirit of Yah Veh’s Living Word within and upon this earth for His Glory and Purpose!

A Thought From Ina Marie: Ina Marie’s words and experiences with Grace Healing.  This ministry and Larry have brought forth a double portion of blessings with the Rivers of Living Waters to flow freely!!  I am very excited, humbled, blessed and honored to share in this opportunity and to be part of this beautiful ministry. I am also blessed how my husband Albert supports me in this amazing calling! He is also a part of this ministry from his loving heart that he also sees and has witnessed with Grace Healing.  I was divinely introduced to Grace Healing over 20 years ago while living in Tucson Arizona. I was prayed over by Larry and it shifted and changed my life tremendously, especially my personal relationship and love walk with Yah Veh and never looked back!

Ever since that time, I have walked, served and observed the ministry of Grace Healing and how truly this ministry walks in the Living Word and Love of God like I have never witnessed before! I have witnessed healings, restorations, spiritual and emotional shifts, remarkable change in corporate bodies in businesses tied to several different industries, a greater awareness of His Love, a greater awareness of His life giving breathe. I have realized a greater awareness and authority in the ground Yah Shua has called me to; and most importantly of all the deepened awareness of Yah Veh’s Presence and Love within me everyday. This love is endless and is forever! I would not have known of this within me if not for the Divine appointment with Yah Veh’s son, Larry Reynolds!

In all my experiences in ministry I have never seen the depth of God’s love and movement in all that I have experienced as I have been walking in the teachings of the Living Word through Larry and the love walk example within Grace Healing!

So in Yah Veh’s Grace, I continue to link arm and arm with Larry in Grace Healing as the vehicle to advance the Kingdom of God upon this earth, and to extend His Love and Healing Grace for His Glory and purposes as we continue to seek Him first in all things!

Contact Ina Directly: 623-999-3255

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Embark on Your Healing Journey

“Unlock Your Path to Renewal: Book Your Healing Session Today!”

Experience the transformative power of healing and begin a journey toward renewal and wholeness. At Grace Healing, we provide a sanctuary where healing transcends the physical, touching the deepest parts of your spirit and mind. Our expert practitioners are dedicated to guiding you through personalized healing practices that cater uniquely to your needs, ensuring a nurturing and empowering experience. Whether you’re seeking relief from physical ailments, emotional burdens, or spiritual blockages, our holistic approach is designed to restore harmony and balance to your entire being.

Don’t wait to reclaim your health and vitality. Book an appointment with us today and take the first step on your path to healing. Let us help you unlock your innate capacity for wellness and joy, transforming your challenges into stepping stones towards a healthier, more fulfilled life. Join us in this healing journey, where each step forward is a move towards greater peace and well-being.

Session #1 • Prayer & Release

Countless individuals have experienced moments of healing and divine intervention that offer a glimpse of what life could be, yet find themselves slipping back into old patterns of thoughts and actions that tether them to their past limitations. Our session is designed to not only help you recognize these familiar tendencies but also to empower you with the tools necessary to break free from these cycles permanently. We delve deep into understanding the root causes of your recurring patterns and provide you with practical strategies to overcome them.

In addition to addressing past behaviors, this session offers a remarkable opportunity to acquire new skills that will be instrumental in your everyday life. You’ll learn techniques to manage stress, enhance your decision-making, and improve your emotional intelligence, which together foster a more resilient and proactive mindset. This holistic approach ensures that you not only heal from past wounds but also grow stronger and more adept at navigating the complexities of life.

Join us to transform your understanding of self, break free from limiting beliefs, and embark on a sustained journey of growth and self-improvement. By recognizing and rewriting your old narratives, you’ll open the door to a life of enhanced freedom and fulfillment. Don’t let your past dictate your future—let us equip you with the knowledge and skills to create a new chapter in your life.

Session #2 • Life History Releases

From the moment you complete your first session, you will experience a newfound clarity that illuminates the influences shaping your thought patterns and the obstacles that have prevented blessings from manifesting in your life. This profound understanding is just the beginning. Our session is meticulously designed to help you identify and release both the past patterns and triggers that are clearly visible to you, as well as those that lurk in the shadows, unnoticed yet equally impactful. These may include deeply ingrained habits, subconscious fears, or long-held beliefs that have subtly yet significantly held you back.

As you shed these limitations, you’ll discover how to better position yourself to harness opportunities for growth in every sphere of your life. This process is not just about letting go, but about reorienting your mindset and strategies to make room for substantial, positive change. You’ll learn to approach your relationships, career, health, and personal growth with a fresh perspective, aligned more closely with your aspirations and potential.

By the end of this transformative session, you will not only feel liberated from the burdens of your past but also empowered with practical strategies and insights to propel you toward a more prosperous and fulfilling future. Embrace this chance to reshape your destiny, making significant strides toward a life characterized by greater achievements and deeper satisfaction.

Session #3 • Generational Releases

Within you resides a mosaic of traits and qualities, many of which have been silently passed down through generations. This transfer occurs on a subtle, spiritual, and ethereal level, often remaining unrecognized and unacknowledged in your daily consciousness. Our specialized session is designed to delve deep into these ancestral legacies, identifying and releasing the spiritual influences of those who came before you.

By participating in this profound process, you will not only gain clarity and liberation from these inherited influences but also discover how to actively foster generational healing and blessings. This newfound empowerment will enable you to break cycles that may have unconsciously held you back, allowing you to forge a path of wellness and vitality for yourself and your family.

Embrace the opportunity to connect with your lineage in a transformative way, healing past wounds and bringing light to future generations. This session is a powerful step toward understanding and reshaping the legacy you carry and will pass on, helping you to cultivate a heritage rich with health, happiness, and holistic well-being.

Session #4 • Instruction on Why You Are Seeing Results

At this pivotal stage in your journey, you will have already witnessed significant transformations and benefits from the treatments, sparking a natural curiosity about the underlying reasons and mechanisms— the “WHY” and the “HOW.” This session is designed to seamlessly connect the dots between your experiences and the therapeutic interventions, providing a deeper understanding of each step’s impact on your spiritual and physical well-being.

More importantly, we’ll focus on sustainability—how you can maintain and continue to thrive within the blessings you’ve received as your life unfolds in the nurturing embrace of Yah Veh’s Love and presence. We will explore strategies and practices that help you integrate these changes into your daily life, ensuring that the progress made is not only retained but also serves as a foundation for ongoing growth and wellness. This session is crucial for those seeking to fully comprehend the transformative journey they are on and to learn how to perpetuate their newfound peace and health in every aspect of life.

Session #5 • The Familiar Nature & Knowing Only Divinity

Many individuals have witnessed profound healing experiences and moments of Divine intervention, which offer a glimpse into the transformative power of personal growth and spiritual renewal. However, it’s not uncommon for people to find themselves slipping back into old patterns, actions, and feelings that once constrained them. Our specialized session is designed to address this challenge by helping you recognize and understand your inherent tendencies that may draw you back to past behaviors and limiting thoughts.

During this session, we will delve deep into the roots of these familiar patterns, providing you with the tools and insights necessary to break free from these cycles permanently. Furthermore, we offer a valuable opportunity for personal development by introducing new skills tailored to foster resilience and adaptability in your daily life. These skills will not only aid in maintaining the improvements gained but also empower you to face future challenges with confidence and a renewed mindset.

Join us in this comprehensive session where you’ll learn to sustain your healing and growth, prevent regression, and continuously evolve towards a more fulfilling and liberated life. This is your chance to transform your understanding of yourself and expand your capabilities, setting the stage for lasting change and a brighter, more controlled future.

Our Blog

“Welcome to Our Sanctuary of Healing and Inspiration”

Welcome to our blog, a sanctuary of inspiration, healing, and divine wisdom. Here, you’ll find a rich tapestry of stories, insights, and reflections that illuminate the transformative power of faith and spiritual connection. Whether you’re seeking guidance, solace, or simply a deeper understanding of life’s profound mysteries, our blog serves as a beacon of hope and enlightenment. Dive into our collection of heartfelt testimonials, spiritual teachings, and practical advice designed to uplift your spirit and empower your journey. Join our community of seekers and believers as we explore the boundless potential of healing and divine intervention, one story at a time.

Client Testimonials

“Voices of Impact: Client Testimonials That Inspire and Motivate”

Our client testimonials speak volumes, serving as a resounding endorsement of the profound impact we’ve made together. Each story shared is a testament to the transformative experiences facilitated by our dedicated team, echoing the sentiments of gratitude and renewed hope. From life-changing breakthroughs to subtle yet significant improvements, our clients’ heartfelt accounts inspire and motivate us to continually elevate our services. These powerful narratives not only reflect the success of our work but also strengthen our commitment to enhancing lives and empowering individuals and communities alike. 

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“Connect with Us and Transform: Book Your Prayer Session Today”

Both Ina Marie and Larry live in a continual state of “living prayer” with a constant and sacred connection to Yah Shua. If you are experiencing any physical, emotional, or spiritual discord, please submit your prayer request below. Larry and Ina Marie will engage in prayer regarding your needs, record the blessed result of the prayer in the Book of Blessings and respond with all that God brings forth in prayer. You will be added anonymously to the prayer list for that day. Oftentimes, they may pray on your behalf immediately upon receiving your request. If you remain open to God in trust and purity, you will be aware of a shift into the blessed peaceful state as the prayers are engaged.

The Book of blessings is a Book formed by Grace Healing and its intercessors (prayer supporters). When a prayer request is submitted, we then engage in prayer to releasing the need or specifics of the request. We are then given the words of Blessings by Yah Veh to move the need or supplication into a blessed state. This new prayer is the one we record in the Book of Blessings: The prayer is spoken “IT IS DONE” upon the Earth. Now all is in the blessed state. We stand in agreement with the words of blessing as we release any words of suffering or words outside of Yah Veh’s blessing.

We provide regular weekly offerings that discuss the Grace of God as it manifests in our daily life and help people rediscover God’s gifts in the midst of our busy schedules. Larry and Ina Marie have been blessed to serve thousands of people from every walk of life. They serve as vessels of Divine Grace and have witnessed many Healings. They offer prayers of Healing, teach Divine Meditations, and guide people daily through prayer and discernment. Please contact them and they would be honored to be in prayer with you.

“We Are Here For You!”