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“The fish was the original image of the early church and was used to convey that a person was a follower of Yah Shua (Jesus’ actual name, before Greek translation)
In that time it was dangerous to be known as a follower of Yah Shua, so a person would draw the image on the ground in front of them as they spoke with someone. They would start with the tail and draw a line toward the person they were speaking with; as it “peaked” they would return and form the image of the fish.
The starting point was Yah Veh (calling upon God by name), the midpoint was Yah Shua and all the Glory He revealed in His walk with humanity and this was directed toward the person they were speaking with and the final leg was the Abwoon (breath of God or Holy Spirit within us) returning to complete the true Triune image formed by the fish image. If the person being spoken to responded to the image they were known to be “safe” to speak with. If not the person who drew the image was able to just wipe it away as if it was a simple scratch on the ground of no consequence.
In some locations, one leg of the image was drawn and if another person drew the other leg, they were revealed as knowing the images significance. Some meeting places had the lower leg drawn on the building, just a simple curved line. This defined it as a meeting place for other believers. The cross did not emerge as a symbol for the church until close to 300 years later (270) when the scribes and leaders of the church were trying to force a hold upon the people through guilt, shame, and servitude through apostolic suffrage.”

Yah Shua

Yah Veh          Abwoon


The Book of Blessings

“A Unique and Wonderful Instrument of Care and Service”

The Book of Blessings was established over 20 years ago and has been a wonderful tool employed daily by our intercessors here at Grace Healing. The reason it is defined as unique is because it houses the Blessed results of people’s prayer needs.

Many people reach out to Grace Healing with a myriad of needs on a daily basis. We at Grace Healing listen to the needs but then pray over them to seek God for the blessed result of the prayer. Then we enter the prayer, as formed in blessing, into the Book of Blessings. This prayer of blessing is then prayed over each day in the fullness of agreement with our Lead intercessor, intercessory team, and our Founding director as we choose to recognize God’s Living prayer over the specific needs revealed.

This calling to record the prayers as complete has produced measurable results for many which reflected the prayers recorded in the book. We would be honored to serve you each day in prayer as we uplift you and those you Love for a blessing in all areas you feel you need support.

Larry Reynolds • Founding Director

A Journey Through Spiritual Counseling and Transformational Healing

Larry Reynolds has served as a spiritual counselor and vessel of healing for over 30 years providing individuals with a clear evaluation of one’s relationship with his or her own Divine Origin and the dynamics which may be inhibiting healing and freedom. In his time with Grace Healing, he has been used as an instrument and witness to thousands of healings. He joins with people in prayer to reveal the spiritual roots of whatever is impacting their ability to attain freedom and peace. He then teaches us how to transform and release the challenges and disease we face in this life.

Larry also helps churches, corporations, social organizations, governmental offices, health institutions, orphans throughout the world, and animals. He believes no one is beyond receiving God’s love and that God’s Love can transform ANY circumstance into blessing.

A Thought from Larry:
What if we received all things without offense?
What if there was a way to receive all things in blessing? (Even the things that do not seem so blessed at first glance.)
What if we had a God so Loving that He made things simple for us?

If we remembered we would realize that Love will always raise things up that are not of Love to be healed.  In this awareness we may find we can receive all revelation without offense and without fear.  If someone held a different belief you would no longer fear their views but allow them to share them and search your own heart to see what the moment of exposure reveals in you, not just them.  You would no longer judge, you would Love and share.  If you find that you became offended or fearful, you have been given the power to release the fear and or offense and search your heart to KNOW God in you and then release anything you feel does not align with God.  If you held no fear and a clear understanding that Love will always reveal that, which is not Love to be healed, you may find you hold power in situations you were once subject to.  Imagine if God made it so simple that He formed a process to all answers to any form of suffering in three simple steps.

FIRST: Offer thanksgiving for anything revealed… (even the not so blessed things)
SECOND: Release that which you witness into the Love of God
THIRD: Recognize ONE THING in that place… God 

The very breath your breath proves that God is with you – for life cannot sustain without the presence of God near.  You are merely a Breath away from the blessings you seek. Dwell within the Breath of God, it resides IN YOU.

Contact Larry Directly: 207-350-6592

Ina Marie Murdock
Executive Director, Lead Intercessor and Keeper of The Book of Blessings

A Life Devoted to Love and Service in Yah Veh’s Grace

Ina Marie is a minister of Love that truly lives and breathes Yah Shua in all she does.  Ina Marie has been in ministry for over 20 years, on prayer teams, healing rooms, mission trips, and walking in all the attributes and gifting of Yah Veh.  For over 25 years Ina Marie has served as minister in a beautiful ministry birthed on her hands and knees, as she engages in the Washing Feet Ministry. It is a personal calling and has blessed many.  This is just one aspect of her service and is very special and personal for those Yah Veh calls her to minister and serve.  Ina Marie has discovered a perfect fit with Grace Healing for 20 years.  Yah Veh has brought Ina Marie into such a divine position to come along side with Larry in service to extend the Covenant of Love and Healing through Yah Shua through Grace Healing Ministry.  Walking together as One in Truth and Spirit of Yah Veh’s Living Word within and upon this earth for His Glory and Purpose!

A Thought From Ina Marie:

Ina Marie’s words and experiences with Grace Healing.  This ministry and Larry have brought forth a double portion of blessings with the Rivers of Living Waters to flow freely!!  I am very excited, humbled, blessed and honored to share in this opportunity and to be part of this beautiful ministry. I am also blessed how my husband Albert supports me in this amazing calling! He is also a part of this ministry from his loving heart that he also sees and has witnessed with Grace Healing.  I was divinely introduced to Grace Healing over 20 years ago while living in Tucson Arizona. I was prayed over by Larry and it shifted and changed my life tremendously, especially my personal relationship and love walk with Yah Veh and never looked back!

Ever since that time, I have walked, served and observed the ministry of Grace Healing and how truly this ministry walks in the Living Word and Love of God like I have never witnessed before! I have witnessed healings, restorations, spiritual and emotional shifts, remarkable change in corporate bodies in businesses tied to several different industries, a greater awareness of His Love, a greater awareness of His life giving breathe. I have realized a greater awareness and authority in the ground Yah Shua has called me to; and most importantly of all the deepened awareness of Yah Veh’s Presence and Love within me everyday. This love is endless and is forever! I would not have known of this within me if not for the Divine appointment with Yah Veh’s son, Larry Reynolds!

In all my experiences in ministry I have never seen the depth of God’s love and movement in all that I have experienced as I have been walking in the teachings of the Living Word through Larry and the love walk example within Grace Healing!

So in Yah Veh’s Grace, I continue to link arm and arm with Larry in Grace Healing as the vehicle to advance the Kingdom of God upon this earth, and to extend His Love and Healing Grace for His Glory and purposes as we continue to seek Him first in all things!

Contact Ina Directly: 623-999-3255

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