Brain Trauma & Migraine Free

Divine Encounters: A Journey of Healing and Faith in North Providence, RI

A number of years ago I was fortunate enough to serve an individual fighting thru the disease known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease in North Providence, RI.  During that time I would travel over four hours and spend 3 to 5 days approximately every two weeks.  I would remain in prayer throughout every aspect of each trip and trust that God would guide me thru the many things and people I would encounter.

There were a number of weeks that I was in service to my friend through Sundays and one day I was awakened early in the morning and pressed to get myself together and drive down the street; destination unknown… I did, obey.  As I headed out I had a feeling that I was being drawn somewhere and surrendered into it.  I drove for a few minutes in prayer and then encountered a specific awareness within me that I would turn the corner and see a church and that was my destination.  Sure enough, as I turned, there on the right was a Catholic church and I parked, then entered in… I had no idea why.  I walked in found a pew and sat down.

“As people began to make their way into the church I was sitting at the end of a pew toward the center isle and I looked to my right and a beautiful family of a mom, what seemed to be a detached boyfriend to the mom and two indescribably beautiful daughters, sat to my right on the other end of the same pew I was in.   As I looked at them the younger daughter sat on the inside and closest to me but at a distance and then the older daughter, then mom and the boy friend that seemed out of place.  I was in prayer and I looked at the younger daughter and I saw this dark spiritual veil over her head and immediately received spiritual knowledge about great suffering, grief, anger, betrayal and sadness overtaking her.  It was then revealed in me that she was suffering an intense “migraine” like headache.  I sat, I prayed, and observed as the mass unfolded.

Each time I looked over at the family to my right I knew within me that I would rise and go to them later and bring them a message and healing to the daughter.  But within me I was arguing with God thinking, If I approach them I will encounter the younger daughter first and this did not seem right, I argued in my head and completely forgot that if, God wanted it done, God would make a way.  I was thinking, “why would they want me to come over, I would be violating their time as a family and their time in prayer.”  As the mass unfolded the awareness to go to them increased and I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it.

During the mass the Priest spoke of an accident he had the previous week and how he was fortunate to be alive.  When he shared this God revealed in me that there was pain and grief within him through spiritual division with his dad, (at the time I had no idea what I was supposed to do with this info, so I prayed for him).  The mass continued to unfold.  As the mass was winding up, I kept looking to my right thinking, if I’m supposed to go do this, how am I supposed to do this…  If I walk directly toward the family in the pew I would approach the younger daughter first and possibly offend the mom… so I remained in  prayer and then was compelled to remain seated… to be transparent I was thinking to myself… “in catholic churches, most young families get up and leave as soon as the priest goes by in the closing procession.  I’ll just wait and when I look up they’ll be gone… I’ll just pray for them… if God wants me to pray over them… God will keep them there.”

Well I remained kneeling in prayer as the priest processed down the central isle and as I saw his feet pass by I raised my head and looked to the right and not only did God keep them there, THEY were the only ones left from our pew to the side door on that side of the church!  I sat for a moment and breathed deep, as I did I had a thought that I was to rise up and step to the pew in front of me and head over toward the family in the pew ahead of them.  As I did, I began to doubt and thought, who am I to invade their time as a family I looked upon them as they sat there and thought, “I’m not going to do this, and arrived at the end of the pew.

As I did I decided to turn right and just bypass them, BUT within a breath the mom rose up stepped over the “boyfriend” and stood in front of me.  She looked at me, as if to say, I have no idea why I am standing in front of you” but remained there and just looked at me.  She had a blank look on her face and I gently reached up and placed my hands on her arms at here shoulders and said, “I have a message for your daughter,” and added, “She needs to know that she is blessed and free to welcome the gift she is in the eyes of God and be freed from the lack of respect, spirit of abuse, spirit of control, and false lust disguised as love extended to her by a young man she just broke up with.  He desired only to possess her and use her beauty for his own gain…”  As I said this she said, “you need to say that to her” and she pulled me by the arm into the pew as her boyfriend got up and sat two pews behind us.

I entered deeper into the pew to where the girls were sitting.  As I approached I asked the daughter if she would permit me to pray over her and free her from her headache and bring her freedom from the suffering she had encountered this past week in the discoveries relating to her boyfriend.“   As I was saying this, mom was nodding saying “that’s exactly what happened, oh my God” and the daughter looked at me with deep pain in her eyes.  I sat between the two daughters and as I did the prayer within me came forth.  She immediately rested her head against my chest (a complete stranger) and began to weep deeply.  As she wept I drew her deeper into my arms and spoke the words, “Yah Veh God above all, thank you that you free your daughter from grief, sadness, betrayal, and sexual possession… the prayer went on and I completed in words which spoke how God Loved her and held great favor over her and that she was freed from any holds of the past and that she would know with greater vigilance the manner in which her beauty could be misused.  (side note, these girls were not  of common beauty, they were both magnificent and beyond description and could easily be seen as one to possess by men or boys with impure desire.

In a brief sharing after the prayer the mom shared that the younger daughter was 17 and the elder daughter was 19 and both looked like they were in the mid to late 20’s)  About half way into the prayer the young daughter in my arms “rested in the Spirit” and settled down onto the pew as I turned to the mom.   I completed the prayers God had formed in me as she laid gently against her elder sister and I spoke briefly with her Mom.  The daughter rose a moment later without the intense migraine she was processing and feeling “much lighter,” in her own words.  She also said she felt great freedom and realized deeper truth of how her ex-boyfriend never really loved her and only lusted after her and desired to possess her.  I embraced each of them and walked out the pew and looked to my right at the mom’s soon to be ex-boyfriend sitting there looking totally out of place.  I asked if he would like prayer and he said no thanks, then off I went.

This time of service was not yet complete, I saw the three daughters of God embracing and joyful as I left and I headed toward the exit and saw the priest talking and laughing with people as they were exiting the front door.  I looked up toward the front of the church and saw a family sitting there and a young woman (maybe 30’s) weeping.  I introduced myself to the priest and he was very kind and then immediately engaged with others and I was pressed from within to look back toward the front of the church and go to the family up in the front pew.  I walked back up the isle and approached them.  As I arrived at the end of the pew I asked the person closest to me, which appeared to be mom, if they would like prayer and she broke into tears nodding frantically.

I looked at the daughter (the woman in her 30’s) and asked if she would allow me to touch her head near the crown and she deepened in tears as she grabbed my hand and placed in on her head.  (it turns out that she was in a major accident and experienced a major brain trauma and had no memory.  She was having problems learning basic skills, including walking).  As I began in prayer, the prayer immediately emerged in heavenly tongues and a moment before there was not one person near us and as the prayer emerged a number of people came from the other areas of the church and joined in.  As I prayed the young woman raised her head and smiled and said, “I can remember” and looked at her mom and they both cried as they embrace.  A few moments later the mom explained that her daughter had a severe head trauma and had not been able to remember her past or people that she knew.

As her daughter sat there she began to relate different remembrances to mom and was joyful in the awakening.  She was headed for brain surgery in the weeks to follow, but this new development freed her from that path.  As we were winding up, the priest arrived at the end of the pew we were gathered at and asked what sort of beautiful things were happening and the group of people explained.  He looked at me and before I could think I asked, “would you like to receive prayer for freedom from the affects of your car accident and the divide between you and your father?”  He looked at me stunned and said, “I know I mentioned the car accident, but how did you know about my dad?”  I responded,,, “I didn’t, it just rose up as I was in prayer for you during your sermon.”

He said yes he would like prayer…  I asked if he would sit and if he would permit me to rest my hands on him and he consented.  As I engaged in prayer I saw many things of a spiritual nature rise and return into God.  A couple of them were, the spirits of pain, division, and unforgiveness as they were set free.  This next moment was incredibly funny, the priest looks up and says, “wow, I actually feel something”  with a laugh and almost giddy nature and then at that moment I look and there is an elder gentleman at the end of the pew… The priest looks up and says “dad!!”  It turns out this was the priests dad and he was there to see his son.  The priest stood looked at me stunned and then walked over and embraced his father and they both smiled then looked at me and the priest said, I don’t know what you did, but this is the first time my dad has come to this church since I arrived 5 years ago.”  I said I did nothing and all the credit and Glory returns to God.

God blessed us and they were overjoyed as the moment unfolded with the collection of people that had drawn to us as this unfolded.  I chuckled and said… “Now He’s just showing off.”  They all chuckled and I embraced a few people and walked away.  Petty astounding what can happen when God flows through us.  Even when I resisted at the start thinking I could “offend the mom” of those beautiful young ladies and then resisting as I headed toward the front door… God is amazing, even through my ignorance.

Larry Reynolds