Session #4 • Instruction on Why You Are Seeing Results

At this pivotal stage in your journey, you will have already witnessed significant transformations and benefits from the treatments, sparking a natural curiosity about the underlying reasons and mechanisms— the “WHY” and the “HOW.” This session is designed to seamlessly connect the dots between your experiences and the therapeutic interventions, providing a deeper understanding of each step’s impact on your spiritual and physical well-being.

More importantly, we’ll focus on sustainability—how you can maintain and continue to thrive within the blessings you’ve received as your life unfolds in the nurturing embrace of Yah Veh’s Love and presence. We will explore strategies and practices that help you integrate these changes into your daily life, ensuring that the progress made is not only retained but also serves as a foundation for ongoing growth and wellness. This session is crucial for those seeking to fully comprehend the transformative journey they are on and to learn how to perpetuate their newfound peace and health in every aspect of life.